Loop Systems

Induction loop systems allow hearing impaired patrons to receive direct audio input from a speaker/sound source without the interference of background noise. Unlike most systems, you do not have to wear a headset or bulky device.  You can utilize the technology already in your hearing aids, as the signal is picked up by a small coil of wire inside your hearing aid, called a T-Coil.  These systems, coupled with an existing t-coil, offers backward compatible direct audio access. We ensure the feasibility and prospective functionality of each system prior to installation.  In the most basic form, an induction loop system consists of a wire around the perimeter of an area (i.e., auditorium, living room etc.) that is connected to an induction loop amplifier.  This signal is picked up by a small coil of wire called a T-coil inside the hearing aid.  The signal is processed through the settings that have been customized by your hearing professional for your specific hearing loss.   All systems come with a lifetime warranty and an educational meeting for all users with local audiologists/ hearing instrument specialists.
Advantages of the Loop System:

  • Customized to each listeners’ personal hearing loss
  • Excellent sound reproduction
  • Maximizes the effectiveness of your hearing aid
  • No messy cords
  • No need to wear additional devices
  • No unhygienic headphones or earbuds
  • No need to take your hearing aids out
  • Maintenance free system
  • Works with all hearing aid brands
  • Unlimited users per system
  • Customized installation and design.

Places where loops can provide benefit:

  • Places of Worship
  • Auditoriums
  • Clubhouses
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Theaters
  • Concert Halls
  • Senior Common Ares
  • Living Rooms
  • Bank Teller Windows
  • Airports
  • Vehicles
  • Schools
  • Possibilities are endless.